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About the I ♥ Naturals Company! ...

About the I ♥ Naturals Company! 

At I Heart Naturals, we <3 everything naturally beautiful and we love love loooove making natural gemstone creations since it's a pretty relaxing process and creative outlet :) 

All IHN pieces are handcrafted by me and made up of natural semi precious gemstones that individually carry they're own meaningful properties. I have developed many great relationships with suppliers in order for me to use the best materials I possibly can for IHN designs. We never use animal derived materials in any of our jewellery or Lip Balm formulations so rest assured we are dedicated to creating cruelty free goodies. I love and obsess over creating new designs and make sure to carefully write out what each stone represents for those of you who love gemstones a little extra for their properties. All gems are described to help you find a visual connection and emotional connection to a special piece so you can truly make it your own. I look at my gemstone creations as constant reminders of positive ideologies that comes in the form of unique and one of a kind gemstone jewellery pieces :) I'm always open to custom work so never never ever never be shy to inquire if your vision can be delivered!


My name is Karina! I'm a proud mother, a happy wife and an obsessor of many (maybe too many) things!

IHN is based out of Montreal, Canada. I graduated university in Design and have always been a designer at heart for as long as I can remember, a Designer was what I always wanted to be when I grew up! I specialize in graphic design and was an instructor in the field by profession for several years until I decided to turn my focus on freelance projects. When I'm not working on my deadlines, you can catch me running after my two little daughters and pups, or goofing around with my equally goofy husband. When I'm not doing that... I'll be escaping to my office to obsessively hunt for gemstones and unique sparkly materials to work with, or I'll be obsessing over learning something completely new. My love for making jewellery started when I was pretty little and it always remained a cherished hobby of mine. I love love love it when people love my creations as much as I do, It always makes my day! :)